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KACHEL is the fulfillment of dreams and talent – a label evolving from a real love of art, beauty and individuality.

It embraces the idea that all pieces are versatile from day to night.

KACHEL acknowledges the fashion trends; however the objective is to create a unique look that is feminine and individual, inspiring confidence in the wearer.

The feminine womenswear line showcases exclusive print designs, beautiful fabrics and a high quality finish at an affordable price.

KACHEL was born in 2007, the brainchild of Jana Kachel. Jana finished her schooling as one of Victoria’s top ten art students and from there has followed her dreams to become an inspiring fashion designer, fusing art and fashion.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design at RMIT,  Jana worked as a freelance underwear designer and then as a graphic artist. Childrenswear seemed a logical extension to an individual where imagination is beyond the ordinary and designed the children’s wear label, Jack & Milly. After which Jana launched into her own mainstream womenswear label, KACHEL.


Jana travels widely in pursuit of inspiration – from past worlds in museums, to art galleries and vintage stores. Vintage prints and original unique water colours are sourced from all over the globe. Jana also transports her own original water colours upon fine quality silks.

The result is KACHEL, a signature style which breathes love, individuality, femininity and creativity.

KACHEL is rapidly capturing hearts.