Discover the Essence of California: SS 23 CALI Collection

Welcome to our SS 23 CALI Collection, where we transport you to the diverse and captivating cities of California.

Each drop in this collection captures the unique essence of California's cities, offering you a taste of their vibrant vibes and distinctive charm.

AUG - Drop 1: Golden Gate Grace

Immerse yourself in the grandeur and elegance of San Francisco with "Golden Gate Grace." Inspired by the iconic landmark, this collection exudes sophistication and vibrant energy.

Golden Gate Grace

SEP - Drop 2: Anaheim Dreams

Embrace the spirit of exploration and set your imagination free with 'Anaheim Dreams.' This enchanting collection draws inspiration from beloved theme parks, offering fanciful designs and a palette of playful colours.

Anaheim Dreams

OCT - Drop 3: Malibu Melodies

Embrace the sun-soaked charm of Malibu with "Malibu Melodies." This collection features breezy silhouettes, warm sunset hues, and beach-inspired prints for that perfect California cool vibe.

Malibu Melodies

NOV - Drop 4: Venice Vibes

Get lost in the carefree atmosphere of Venice Beach with "Venice Vibes." This drop combines vibrant colors, eclectic patterns, and artistic flair to channel the spirit of the iconic Venice Boardwalk.

Venice Vibes

DEC - Drop 5: Long Beach Beats

Dive into the vibrant rhythms of Long Beach with "Long Beach Beats." Influenced by the city's music scene and waterfront culture, this collection offers bold colours, dynamic patterns, and street-inspired elements that reflect Long Beach's lively spirit.

Long Beach Beats

With our SS 23 CALI Collection, you can wear the essence of California wherever you go. Explore the different facets of this iconic state through fashion that captures the heart and soul of each city.

Join us on this California-inspired journey and make a statement with your style.

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