Ethics and Sustainability: 
We recognise that our industry of work has a great impact on the environment, which is why we are constantly working toward improving our products and services in hopes we can become more sustainable for the planet. 
When it comes to colour and prints, we think more is more, however when it comes to consuming not so much.  This is why we choose to create consciously and are firm believers in quality over quantity. We produce smaller collections, ensuring each garment is thoroughly designed to ensure longevity season after season. Our aim is that you buy with us knowing that it will last a lifetime.
Since our beginning in 2007, Kachel has always operated as a small, tight-knit team that shares an appreciation for thoughtful design. With an office based in Melbourne, we also have a small team in Shanghai who manage our production, that we have worked alongside since the brand started. We try to visit our factories as frequently as possible to ensure they align with our ethics of good practice. 
Kachel Sustainability Ethics Sunset Beach
Fabrics and Materials:
A selection of our garments are made using ecovero, an eco-friendly material derived from renewable wood sources. Ecovero requires up to 50% lower water impact and CO2 emissions to produce, giving you reassurance to know your fashion choices make a difference. 
We choose to use natural fibres in our collections which are better for you and the environment. We also use organic cotton on our sew in labels and use recycled materials on our swing tickets. We are excited to explore new sustainable fabrics in our upcoming collections.
Kachel Fabric Materials Ethics
After placing an order with us, you will receive your items in compostable packaging. This alternative to plastic is better as it causes less damage to the natural ecosystem functions by being non toxic and biodegradable. This also minimises our overall plastic usage. 
Kachel Packaging Desert Sustainability
Purchase with Purpose: 
As a part of our commitment in creating positive change, we have partnered with B1G1 (Buy 1, Give 1), a non-for-profit organisation making a positive impact.
Our current initiative with B1G1 is with the Wellwishers Trust, $1 from every dress sale made gives one day of access to life-saving clean water to families in Ethiopia. Find out more about this project here.
We recently have been providing emergency help and support relief for the Ukraine, to find out more about how much we’ve donated to date click here. 
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