In 2007, Jana Kachel brought her creative journey to life, giving birth to KACHEL, an Australian brand that seamlessly fuses the realms of art and fashion. A graduate from the prestigious RMIT fashion house, Jana began her career as a freelance underwear designer before venturing into the enchanting world of children's wear with Jack and Milly.

KACHEL is not merely a brand; it's a realization and embodiment of Jana's dreams. Achieving global recognition in 2011, KACHEL stands as a testament to continuous evolution and unwavering commitment to artistic expression.

Immersed in inspiration drawn from hidden vintage markets and explorations to far-flung corners of the world, KACHEL has become synonymous with an exquisite collection featuring billowing blouses, swishy skirts, and flared dresses adorned with mesmerizing paisley motifs, delicate blooms, and vibrant tie-dye patterns.

 New Arrivals

Graduating from the RMIT fashion house, Jana embarked upon work as a freelance underwear designer before the birth of children's wear label, Jack and Milly. Forever evolving, KACHEL became her reality and dream in 2007 - becoming globally recognised in 2016.



Inspired by trips to hidden vintage markets and travels to distant corners of the world, KACHEL is renowned for its array of billowing blouses, swishy skirts and flared dresses doused in paisley motifs, feminine blooms and colour-pop tie-dye.

Our signature collections that feature founder Jana Kachel's own watercolors - resulting in a label that epitomizes both art and individuality.

Our goal is to empower our wearers to express themselves through colour and print. To discover your own personal uniqueness Whilst giving a nod to the latest trends.