Lockdown Q&A with Designer Jana Kachel

Q. What does a day during lockdown look like for you?

I wake up super early before the kids wake up and go for a walk along the beach with a girlfriend and the dogs. I find this is a great way to start the day and have some time to myself.

By the time I arrive home the kids are arguing about why they are not allowed to watch TV in the morning. I generally add to the fire and question why they aren't reading a book.....

Roll call for independent Mr 10 starts at 9am and then he is on his way for the day, eager to finish his tasks at pace so we can start kicking the football.

Miss 7's roll call is at 9:15am often by 10am she is back in bed in her pjs, or under her bed in meltdown mode! Miss 7 requires more motivation and attention for school work.

Homeschooling is a real juggle especially with my husband and I working full time. The day continues, juggling work in between grade 1 spelling and year 4 math. To be honest I've probably learnt a few things I did not know too!

Once the kids have gone to bed I will start work again in a quieter environment to get everything done. Saying that, we do have quite a bit of fun amongst the chaos and meltdowns. When the attention span of Miss 7 is on she is very creative. She designed the heart on our Kachel tissue paper and is working on the motif for afterpay and express shipping for the new Kachel website.

Jana Kachel

Q. What has been your favourite recipe or meal during lockdown?

I'm a terrible cook so we have been supporting lots of local small businesses during lockdown. The local Thai can bank on a call from our household at least once a week.

Q. How are you keeping motivated?

My kids keep me motivated, I have to stay positive for them. They are a great distraction from what is going on. Often I wake up and I think geez I could easily just stay in bed today. But the kids bound in, ready to play with their bike rides, tennis, football and soccer. My kids are super active so our household has been doing a lot of exercise during lockdown.

Q. What have you been binge watching / reading / listening to?

I love the tv show Friends, it always makes me laugh. Current books on my bedside table are Phil Jackson - Eleven Rings and The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair.

Jana Kachel

Q. Where is the first place you will travel once the borders open?

My brother and his wife who live in Canberra had a baby boy during our first lockdown last year. As soon as the border opens I will be heading there for cuddles.

As soon as the international borders open I will go anywhere!!! I love travel and I still have so many places I would love to see in the world.

I have often found myself scrolling flea market in France on instagram so I think a flea market will be high on my list of places to visit.

Q. What is your favourite piece in this up-coming collection?

The Lottie top and Bethan skirt (Available in October). I love the print mixing in these pieces and I always love a ruffle skirt.

Kachel Skirt

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