Taste Maker Chronicles - An exclusive Interview with Jana Kachel

The Taste Maker Chronicles – Jana Kachel: Founder and Designer of KACHEL

Published by Stylemachine on March 1, 2024



In the dynamic world of fashion, where trends come and go, few brands manage to stand the test of time. KACHEL, founded by Jana Kachel in 2007, is a testament to timeless style and enduring quality. 

The brand has recently unveiled its latest collection, titled “ESSENCE of Love,” which captures the various facets of love through ethereal designs and intricate patterns. We sat down with Jana to delve into the inspirations, sustainable practices, and the exciting future of KACHEL.


Prints and Passion: The Birth of KACHEL

Jana Kachel's journey began in 2007 with a vision to create a brand that seamlessly blended art with fashion. The brand's distinct aesthetic draws inspiration from vintage markets and Jana's global adventures. KACHEL's unique collection features ethereal blouses, flowing skirts, and flared dresses adorned with paisley designs, intricate florals, and vivid tie-dye creations.

"In 2007, when I started KACHEL, my inspiration stemmed from personally creating prints that drew inspiration from the world around me. My creativity was and is still fueled by an unwavering passion for crafting unique print designs. Even today, designing prints remains my favourite part of the job, serving as the muse that propels KACHEL forward."



ESSENCE of Love: A Collection Inspired by Romance

The latest collection, "ESSENCE of Love," takes inspiration from the picturesque settings of Santa Cruz in Spain and Djerba in Tunisia. Each piece from the collection represents a unique love story, harmonising artistry with scenic landscapes. Jana believes that the perfect dress combines a flawless fit, enduring quality, and timeless charm that boosts the wearer’s confidence.

"To me, the perfect dress combines a flawless fit, enduring quality, and timeless charm that boosts the wearer’s confidence. These elements come together to create a garment that goes beyond passing trends and remains stylish for a long time."

Sustainable Fashion: KACHEL's Commitment to the Environment

Acknowledging the environmental impact of the fashion industry, KACHEL is committed to responsible practices. The brand produces smaller, meticulously designed collections for longevity, incorporating eco-friendly materials like Ecovero, natural fibres, and recycled materials. Orders from KACHEL are delivered in compostable packaging, reflecting the brand's dedication to minimising its ecological footprint.

"We acknowledge the environmental impact of our industry, and we are committed to being more responsible by creating consciously and valuing quality over quantity."


KACHEL: A Unique Fashion Identity

KACHEL stands out with a unique handwriting that revolves around prints and colours. The brand acknowledges fashion trends without being dictated by them. The emphasis lies in timeless silhouettes that seamlessly transition from casual to elevated, reflecting a style that is both versatile and enduring.


The Exciting Future of KACHEL

As KACHEL looks ahead, the brand is set to explore new and exciting fabrications and trims, signalling a direction aligned with the evolving style landscape of 2024. Fresh sustainable fabrics, captivating prints, and new silhouettes are on the horizon, along with exciting collaborations that are currently top secret.
"We’re thrilled about the future at KACHEL, where we’re actively exploring fresh sustainable fabrics, captivating prints that our devoted KACHEL lovers will adore, and introducing new silhouettes alongside our timeless classics."

Jana Kachel's Wardrobe Essentials

Jana's go-to wardrobe essential is the KACHEL slip dress, known for its versatility and comfort. Additionally, her Isabel Marant sandals are a must-have outside of KACHEL, as they complement her print dresses effortlessly.

Casual Chic: Jana's Day-Off Style

On casual days off, comfort and practicality take the lead for Jana, especially with young kids in the picture. Despite the relaxed vibe, she finds joy in mixing and matching prints, injecting a touch of personal flair into her casual ensembles.

Styling KACHEL for Every Occasion

Whether it's a polished, sophisticated look or a casual-chic ensemble, Jana recommends elevating a KACHEL dress with an oversized blazer and heels for formal occasions. On the flip side, dress it down effortlessly with sandals and a vintage denim jacket for a perfect blend of casual and chic.

As we eagerly anticipate KACHEL's future endeavours, the brand continues to redefine fashion with its unique blend of art, prints, and sustainable practices. Stay tuned for exciting collections and collaborations by following KACHEL on their social media channels.

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